Thursday, March 23, 2006

Diversions and Inactivities

Apologies to regular readers for the delay in transmission of late, having been over-distracted into posting activity at assorted forums and the comments sections on others' blogs [as well as some depressing protest activity during the past week: the anti-war demo last Saturday in Dublin attracted a pitiable 600 souls, versus 100,000 three years ago, further confirmation of the consequences for such movements of being hijacked by self-serving party politics, all this occuring as the slaughter escalates in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, and the US nuclear-strike threat goes critical].

Two lengthy posts are due: one an extended review of Zizek's The Pervert's Guide To Cinema [much more refreshing than his recent unreasonably provocative, lazy contribution in the New York Times, on Europe as the only significant Evental-Site of resistance to US global hegemony (and its Chinese version), perhaps the most ill-considered, ridiculously un-Zizekian article he has ever produced in his increasingly perverse, chameleon over-identification with his "target audience"]; the second, inspired by K-punk's recent outline of Telecommunism , and accompanied by Angela's post at S0metim3s on national-international distractions from the communist project, concentrating on the Theology of Kapitalism and on those strategies of accelerated alienation that may serve to progressively undermine it.


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