Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Machine In The Ghost, presently

A blind contingent device ... Some scribbled tracings on hauntology will ensue over the coming days, in part provoked by MarK's posts [particularly his latest there on domesticated spectral patriarchy in Kubrick's The Shining (the term actually originating in Stephen King's listening to John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band's "Let it all shine on" ...)], on-going discussion at Dissensus, Ian Penman's (at The Pillbox's ) prerogative of hauntology's necessary provocation of productive anxiety, and on and on ... Cryptomimeses as the Gothic in Jacques Derrida’s Ghost Writing, Joyce's hauntology [The Dead and The Ghost of Parnell in Ulysses, Portrait of], Wellesian radio hauntology, Haunted Media as Electronic Presence from Telegraphy to Television to Cyberspace, Techgnosis, machine in the ghost/ghost in the machine ...

BTW: A few years ago, multimedia Cyberfeminist Francesca da Rimini constructed an internet project entitled dollspace. The dollspace hypertext is designed as a hauntology, a ghost work of counter-memories which are supposedly intended to unleash thresholds of impossibilites outside of pan-capitalism - a space which gathers the spectres of recombinant desires, deadbaby gurls, and Zapatistas. In collaboration with Ricardo Domingeuz (USA), Michael Grimm (AUS) and other possessed bodies, dollspace refolds four sites [GashGirl, dollyoko, GenderFuckMeBaby's Palace of Unparalled Cynicism, and The Realm of the Puppet Mistress] that contain dark hypertext fiction, strategic links to contemporary sites of political action by third/fourth world ghosts, a zone for sightings of spectral disturbances, and a 'soundtrack for an empty dollspace'. It is online at The Thing: Dollyoko.


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