Friday, December 16, 2005

The Real as Cute Little Girl [II]

From Heidy to Buffy

Fascism is structurally inherent to liberal capitalism. [pretend-friendly Third-Way face of ...].

Perhaps we might recall Sylvia Plath’s famous line, ‘every woman adores a Fascist’.

I'm indebted here to Alphonse/Le Colonel Chabert for her parallactic, polemical short-circuiting of fascism<=>liberal capitalism via the narrative-dynamic imaginary of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer . Buffy is the Monster of (Corporate-State) Kapital masquerading as a cute and homely teenage girl : ... "She is a corporate state masquerading as a petit bourgeois teenager, an 'ordinary teenage girl' (among the weakest figures in the privileged class, but as consumer an essential figure in the maintenance of the status quo); she is a form of domination, authority and power over humanity, anthropomorphized.Buffy is the monster in Buffy. This is the con which takes in the dupes of the corporate message - again and again, in every advertisement. Falling in love with Buffy is falling in love with, idenitfying with, the self-righteous control and sadism of capital, admiring and desiring to share its prerogative of definition of the other, its power of life and death over the other, the exclusivity of its own right to thrive and survive, the limitless lawlessness and liberty with which it obliterates all that is not useful to it and which does not serve its quest for increased power and the satisfaction of its hunger for 'creative destruction.' "


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