Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kapital's [hysterical] Obstacles to the Impossible [II]

The latest on-going craze: Islamophobia as Kapital's new Anti-Semitism

Just to pre-establish the historical bearings here first-off:

Slavoj Zizek's Top-Ten movies are as follows:

Vertigo (Hitchcock)
Psycho (Hitchcock)
Dune (Lynch)
Ivan the Terrible (Eisenstein)
The Fountainhead (Vidor)
3:10 to Yuma (Daves)
Opfergang (Harlan)
The Sound of Music (Wise)
Short Cuts (Altman)
Limelight (Chaplin)

Yes, the director of Jud Suss, Veit Harlan (also Uncle-in-law of the late, great Stanley Kubrick), also directed one of Zizek's "officially" declared top-ten films, the German war-time melodrama, Obfergang ... The Hills are alive with the Sound of ... Climb Every Mountain, etc.

Which makes this recent post by Lenin all the more timely: Latest anti-Muslim Paranoia: The Project:

Yusuf Smith on the trail of a bizarre new theory about Muslim plans for world domination:

Islamophobia in Europe is taking on yet another of the characteristics of traditional European anti-Semitism: the conspiracy theory. We’ve all heard of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a forged document containing supposed plans for Jewish world domination fabricated by a Russian agent about a century ago; the tone of a Melanie Phillips diary entry revealing a similarly conspiratorial document of the authorship of members of the Muslim Brotherhood brought precisely this to mind. The Daily Ablution has published a series of articles about the 14-page document, allegedly discovered during a raid on a villa near Lugano in Switzerland by Swiss and Italian police in November 2001. “The Project”, supposedly dating from 1982, is made to sound like a plan for Muslim world domination, “a strategic plan whose ultimate ambition is ‘to establish the Kingdom of God everywhere in the world’”.

The evildoers, apparently, will serpiginously encircle Europe in a serpentine grip, take control of the government, the world's financial institutions, the media and so on. And, what is more, the communists, stoppers, peaceniks, pacifists, Israel-haters and anti-Americans will vitally assist them in this task. (This begins to shed light on why some trolls assume that the Tomb is widely read by 'Islamists'). Of course, the truth has to reside in a secret text, since one can't believe what these dissembling Muslims might say to one's face: oh sure, theirs is a religion of peace, but just you wait til Hamas jumps our of your birthday cake; they say they just want us to stop bombing the fuck out of Iraq, but you wait til Zarqawi establishes the Islamic Emirate of Mesopotamia; they say they want to be friends, but we've got this here document that says...


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